This video is of SR14B (SMROOKIES) member Taeyong performing his rap OPEN THE DOOR with stunning, 3D visuals. Perhaps more exciting than the performance itself is the amount of HD settings we’re allowed to view the video in. Guys we’re looking the future dead in the eyes, and it’s SM that (maybe) brought you to it first. This video exceeds 1080p HD by taking it up a notch to 1440p HD, but that’s not all. We get one more setting which takes us ALL THE WAY UP TO 2160p 4K. I have no idea what 4K means but we can get THAT HIGH in the video quality, so high that it exceeds the HD title. My computer can’t even handle it, the video turning all green and sh*z.

Taeyong’s rap was pretty impressive though, and totally not what you’d expect from SM traditionally. I have no idea what SM has planned for all of these rookies but if things keep going as strongly as they’ve been going… we might be seeing the Kpop game change DRAMATICALLY on the SM side. Like they might start snatching way more wigs cause Taeyong’s giving some of the genre’s best rappers a run for their money, and we all know saying that about an SM rapper is unheard of (until now!)! I’m excited for him and the rest of the rookies- I’m assuming we’ll see the others sometime soon!

Enjoy the video, and let me know if you guys have any luck viewing it in 2160p 4K!




(Source: SMTOWN)