I’M TEMPTED TO WRITE THIS ENTIRE THING IN CAPS DON’T TEST ME! Leo‘s not even my bias yet I was so transfixed on him- Error is his era, from that chic hairstyle to how well his voice fits the instrumental. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about him since Hyde. That’s not to say my bias Ken didn’t kill it though, and ya’ll need to stop coming for Ravi‘s hat/hair. Why don’t you guys like Ravi’s new style it looks so good /sobs/! N is slaying especially in that hat and ughhh it’s just so hard to talk about one member without mentioning another because they all did SO well! AGAIN! Jellyfish manage these guys wonderfully and always give them legitimately unique concepts that allow them to shine brightly, and they’re actually GOOD! Like all of VIXX’s singles/albums/side projects are killer THEY ARE THE BESTTTTTTTT. Hyuk didn’t get that many parts again but I can’t be too upset because they gave him a decent amount in Eternity and tbh it’s to be expected from the maknae that’s not a main vocal or anything. Enjoy Error’s MV below and pleeeease support them buy buying the mini album!



(Source: RealVIXX)