Jolin Tsai

Watch the lyric video to her new single “PLAY”. Something kinda bossy from Taiwan finally~

Taiwanese Pop, generally, is pretty corny so this track was a pleasant surprise, not to mention something I can only picture Jolin pulling off. PLAY is a Trap/EDM fusion that features her rapping and, although she’s obviously not the best at it, it’s fun and something she’s making work for her. It’s because of the aforementioned reason that I don’t have much Taiwanese Pop downloaded, but songs like PLAY have the sound that would make me consider it. I say consider because it’s still not something I’d purchase (I wouldn’t really listen to this more than once or twice), but it’s moving in the right direction in terms of a record that’s cool and edgy from Taiwan’s mainstream. Compared to other countries like Korea and Japan, Taiwan is just not keeping up. Their mainstream sound is dated and too cheesy to compete with the rest let alone get a lot of international fans. That’s why PLAY is exciting for me cause it’s like… they’re finally getting there. Or at least Jolin is. What do you guys think of her new single?


(Source: Jolin Tsai)