Hi Suhyun


HI SUHYUN is perfection all across the board- whoever decided to put these two together deserves a raise and rounds of soju. The video captures the whimsical spirit of teen years nicely and Lee Hi and Suhyun are so natural with each other that you’d swear they’ve been a unit for at least a year already. Bobby tho, this is the BEST he’s looked and his acting was on point! It was refreshing to see him out of his Hip Hop element for a change and take on a role that’s more mature and refined- he looked like a handsome young adult about his business. His rap feature was filled with classic Bobby edginess but still maintained that mature quality, and he too acted very natural and charming throughout. Supposedly this is a video that has allowed people to see just how attractive he is for the first time, and all I have to say to that is “YA’LL LATE!!”




(Source: YGEntertainment)