GD x Taeyang

GOOD BOY is good I guess but I’m just over it, you know?

GD is included in everything meant to be cool, trendy, and Hip Hop in Korean Pop culture and I’m pretty much over it. Dude is nice with it, and so is Taeyang, but their whole image of being these hard hitting Hip Hop players in the Kpop scene has been forced in our faces so much that it no longer excites me. Good Boy is unique and admittedly nice (no shade here), but more of the same. GD composed, arranged and did a bunch of other sh*t so by just the song credentials alone you know what to expect musically AND visually. The color scheme is also very Ringa Linga- basically Good Boy is something we’ve all seen already. People are still going to love it just because it’s G-Dragon and Taeyang and that’s totally fine cause, well, opinions! This just so happens to be mine.


(Source: BIGBANG)