The EP has finally launched! 

AM444 celebrate the release of their new EP DARK SHOW by dropping the MV to its title track, a dark and pulsing song with mesmerizing visuals. ChaCha wears a series of drastically different looks throughout, displaying her versatile beauty as alluring vocals make you surprisingly comfortable with the idea of being tied up on her chain leash. But the vocals are only half of the goodness, cause that instrumental- mannnnn! Jay Soul, where does your inspiration come from?! I’m always wondering where producers go mentally/emotionally while creating since their expression is non verbal, instrumentals being some of the most powerful forms of music in my opinion. Using Jay’s musical style as an indicator I know the dude is capable of some good, intriguing conversation! Check out DARK SHOW’s visual below, and make sure to grab a copy of AM444’s new EP on iTunes. It’s also available for streaming Here.


(Source: AM444)