SHINee 2

When’s the last time I actually got into a SHINee MV?!

The story component of this release was really interesting and fun! SHINee are leaving some sort of event, surrounded by paparazzi, as they enter their van only to find out it’s been hijacked by a group of beautiful ladies ready to take them on a mini vacation (basically a Sasaeng’s dream). The girls give SHINee a chance to  escape the pressures of their celebrity life and just have some liberating fun. Of course since they’re SHINee people are looking for them, but they try desperately to avoid capture to continue enjoying their time with their new friends. Love, club fights and youthful, free spirited energy are all in View, not to mention the instrumental is sickkk. The lyrical melody make the song more Kpop than Dance and although I would’ve preferred a full out Dance track, I get that it had to be altered a bit to fit the Kpop genre. I already bought the single, and I’m actually in the middle of listeing to the album right now and GOT DAMN IT’S GOOD AS FUU. Was not expecting there to be so many bangers. I haven’t jammed out to a SHINee album in a minute! I’m… I’m about to buy the whole thing I think cause out of 11 tracks I dislike many like… 4 of them? And some of those 4 are Ballads so there’s that. Seriously the production on this album is top notch.

The guys look great, too. Very tough and manly and trendy. I don’t know why SM always dresses Onew in these dweeby outfits but whatever. Minho totally steals the show. SHINee’s 4th album Odd is available on iTunes now!


(Source: SMTOWN)