And can G-Dragon stop already??

How many more times will I have to see GD stumbling around like a drunkard, sporting some crazy f*cking hair color? It’s stale and tired at this point, and I’m over him opening EVERY song. Also as for my Taeyang reference in the title, it may be before some of yall’s time lol, but Taeyang is lookin’ like he came STRAIGHT from the 90’s. Kriss Kross, Roger Evans from Sister Sister lookin’ ass lmaoooo!

kriss kross
kriss kross lol
Roger Evans lmaoo
Roger Evans lmaoo

SOBER is more of the same, nothing special. Quite frankly I’d like to just see Daesung, Seungri and TOP do a trio thing! I think that could be really interesting!


(Source: BIGBANG)