Eastern Sidekick

Second Album, ‘Total Reflection’ is here!

Korea’s representative garage band rockers Hankyul Ko and Inhyuk Ryu on guitar, Juhwan Oh on vocals, Sanghwan Bae on bass, and Geunchang Park on drums have finally come back with a new monster album. Hard crunching guitars, aggressive basslines, and defiant vocals create a harmonious cacophony of lyric and power. Eastern Sidekick’s new album, Total Reflection, is out October 29, 2015 along with the music video of their Title track, Digger.

Eastern Sidekick released their first full length album in 2012 and their EP, [Hammer Lane], in 2013. Now after two years, Eastern Sidekick has returned with a 10 track album that was definitely worth the wait. [Total Reflection] is an album that looks at our reality and sees it for what it really is, just a reflection of ourselves but not necessarily our true self. It also serves to be a complete rejection of society’s pressure and rules, a [Total Reflection].

The title track of this album is “Digger,” which is a perfect track to showcase Eastern Sidekick’s style and message. Purposefully defunct with a hint of monotony, “Digger” questions why and what are we doing. Many people carry this defunct and monotonous life working day in day out, and do so just like a digger who digs only because he’s a digger. It is this reflection that Eastern Sidekick sees through and also wants to reflect away.

Make sure to check out the amazing Music Video for “Digger,” directed by Yunik Song, and all of the tracks of Eastern Sidekick’s [Total Reflection] album. Eastern Sidekick is also gearing up to play tons of shows kicking it off with their first show on December 11th, 2015 at V Hall in Hongdae. Tickets will be on sale October 29th, 2015 @ 2pm, along with the “Digger” MV, and of course, the newest album, [Total Reflection].

Album (bandcamp): http://bit.ly/1Na5cv2

Album (bainil app): http://bit.ly/1GxXjyh

(iTunes coming next week)

Ticket Sale (Korean Link): http://bit.ly/1KF6ury


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