Thoroughly enjoyed this, especially the visual!

Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever?? ZICO‘s I am you, you are me, from a purely visual standpoint, paints the perfect picture of how love should be. Not necessarily being the same person, but more a reflection; how love unites and how the two of you become bound and all that lovey dovey shit. Seriously though this entire release was very poetic and definitely enjoyable. It’s the kind of “forever and ever” love story that I can actually get behind.

ZICO has been everywhere recently taking on a bunch of different musical styles, and I gotta say he deserves all of the features and solo activity. The stuff he releases is always quality and it’s been that way for a while. Probably one of the few performers that can actually be labeled an artist in Kpop today.

Next up is 사랑이었다 featuring f(x)’s Luna dropping the same day I am you, you are me is released, which is tomorrow 1/25!




(Source: seven seasons)