Electronic bass with Chinese traditional essence! SAY WORD!

Chinese label Do Hits has just released their new compilation album Year of the Monkey, and it has tons of dope sounds that combine years of Chinese tradition with modern beat technique. Featuring producers of Chinese descent and certified “lao wai”, the comp provides variety through and through. Listen to Shanghai producer Damacha‘s Story of Chu from the compilation below as well as the rest of the album. It’s also only eight bucks, which is a super affordable price for a bunch of quality music worth adding to your collection. Man, China is so fuking next level! 新年快乐 yall!

丙申猴年,Do Hits和朋友们为大家准备了一份特别的新年礼物。是时候对垃圾电视节目的毒害说不了,我们的野心是取代超市春节主题音乐、旺x大礼包,制造一些不一样的喜庆节奏,让你的三姑六婆也一块儿开心。我们有来自神州大地各处的孩子们,海峡对岸的同胞,和生活在中国的老外,告诉你七德隆冬呛咚锵应该怎么玩儿,他们有很多神话传说要对你细细道来。你可能会觉得这些声响都很耳熟,来自你的身体与记忆,似乎和窗外的鞭炮爆炸、舞狮舞龙、敲锣打鼓已经融为一体了。For 2016 year of the monkey, Do Hits and our friends have a special gift in store for you. Time to say goodbye to shitty TV shows and CNY-themed supermarket music. We have been secretly producing some fresh new sound with Spring Festival vibes, which we’re sure that even your Chinese aunties would love. We have gathered sons and daughter of dragon, as well as some laowai producers based in China. They will be narrating many stories and tales of China, sampling real life in this country. What you are going to hear is lions and dragons, fireworks and crackers, drums and gongs of Chinese New Year.