Lemme break it down real quick!

Ahhh, it feels so good to be BACK! When I say I was stressing and missing you guys I mean I was STRESSING THE FUK OUT AND MISSING YOU GUYS!

I’ll try to keep this short: One of the servers the hosting company I use to host the website crashed and FarEastVibes.com was on that server, so we crashed too. For a day or two I didn’t even realize there was a problem with the site as I was busy doing RL errands and stuff, but once I saw the problem it took THREE ENTIRE DAYS to get everything back to how it was (almost). Back and forth calls with incompetent customer service reps who don’t know what they’re talking about can really test your patience omgg…

I managed to get a lot of info back, but not everything. There are a LOT of posts that now have broken image links because those images were lost during the crash- that’s why I had to replace so many article’s featured images with one of the FarEastVibes logos. As far as post content including text, links, embedded videos etc, they’re all as they were. So far the broken images seem to be the only major thing that you guys will notice- everything else is fixed or I am currently in the process of fixing.

I love you guys, I love this website, and the struggle to get FarEastVibes through this was completely worth it. I honestly love sharing good music with all of you who hold FarEastVibes.com down, because I feel connected to all of you. Like I always say, I want the vibe of this site to be like best friends just hanging out and talking about the good music they’ve come across. I’m happy to be back and I’m happy to be able to resume the conversation with you all!

Here’s to recovery! Let’s hope we’re all good now!

p.s. Enjoy the Jackson gif hahaha, found it on Kpop Amino.