Audio is on point!

With every release prior being a solid reflection of their Red concept, Red Velvet have returned this time around with the first official representation of their Velvet side. It’s a stark contrast to anything we’ve seen from them before, but it’s executed wonderfully. The only complaints I can see anyone having with this release is the fact that Ballads/R&B might not be their thing, but objectively the song slays its genre (especially during that switch from ballad to R&B at 1:35).

I’m impressed at how well Red Velvet were able to adapt to this side of their concept, but it’s not like they did that much. Blank stares to the camera while moving slowly isn’t hard to do and their vocals aren’t drastically different to their Red releases, but I guess what they did fits the Korean standard for a sultry, R&B/ballad track. I’m more impressed by the visuals in terms of MV direction, concept and styling as well as the production of the instrumental than I am by Red Velvet’s performance. It’s the work that was done behind the scenes that made this release what it was- Red Velvet could’ve been any girl group, to be honest.

p.s. Anyone else get f(x) 4 Walls vibes from that tablecloth print and the mysterious/eccentric imagery? I think that was a nod to them!

(Source: SMTOWN)