Red Velvet

I’m actually glad this wasn’t a disappointment 

The concept of this comeback I love to no end, so the song actually being just as awesome is the cherry on top (:D). Most impressive things about this release other than the members’ beautiful styling is one, how sick that instrumental is. Just try to drown out the lyrics (not that they’re bad) and focus in on the beat. It’s so well crafted, being a great combination of innocent sweetness, playing up on the girly, ice cream concept, with hard hitting, modern edginess. The lyrical melody is a good fit too. Also the choreography has a lot of interesting points, like how it incorporates the whole Whip dance thing that’s popular now and even VOGUING! Lmao yes, if you look at the dance towards the end you’ll see the girls hitting that Duck Walk for a couple of seconds! Leave it to Kpop to take on all things trendy! Red Velvet is definitely looking up this time around!


(Source: SMTOWN)