Dude, you guys gotta check this out

Chinese producer Dokedo and four fellow Chinese contemporaries (ZHI16, Joy Ginger, Radiax, Po1arAda) each took on one of the five elements of Chinese tradition and used them as a “concept” for creating a remix to the original Five Elements track by Dokedo himself. It’s literally humans harnessing nature and transforming it into one of the five senses. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth transcend being just mere planetary phenomena and become one with your human auditory experience. Absolutely amazing what humans can create with their imagination and will- we are nature as well, after all! Enjoy this amazing Do Hits release.

Dokedo has his friends to give him the best wedding gift ever – 4 Chinese producers plus Dokedo himself put together this alchemic collection of remixes for his ground-breaking track “Five Elements”. ZHI16, Joy Ginger, Radiax, Polarada and Dokedo uses 5 different ways to depict 5 elements of Chinese Philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Find your balance and find your own Harmlet.

p.s. Check out the dope font used for the han zi on the album cover. Too ill!