That moment when your offline life is so busy that you forget about your online one, and that’s WITH having a physical reality that’s enmeshed with the digital! Got damn!

Last month marked our anniversary and as I say every year, THANK YOU! FarEastVibes.com continues to be what it is because of you guys. Every bit of support means so much to me because I know very well that we’re not a super popular site like Soompi, NetizenBuzz and the like, but I embrace that completely.

I created FarEastVibes to be a site that focuses on underrepresented and underrated artists. Artists that rarely get any shine from other media outlets, but have quality work that truly, honestly deserves to be seen and heard. In creating a website like this you can’t expect tons of traffic- you’re literally writing about artists that the vast majority of people have seldom heard of and therefore don’t care about. But I believe in music and in quality music makers, and so I want to do my part in showcasing their talents. In a sense FEV is kinda like an indie musician with that same grind hard attitude and commitment to putting out quality content with or without hundreds of thousands of people watching. I like to think that FarEastVibes has a nice little pocket of importance in the global Asian music scene but hey, that could just be my biased opinion!

To wrap this wall of text up, all I can say is 5 years down the road and I’m still absolutely in love with running this site. I do this for music. I do this for you guys. I’ve always wanted a space to just discover new, dope, underground shit when I was younger and it never existed. I hope I’m providing that, if only a little bit, for all of you.

Thank you for 5 years, sincerely. I’m eternally grateful for your support.


Now… let’s celebrate with some throwback UTADA!!!