Talk about a release that’ll get you right in the feels 

1. Loved how this video was shot in NYC. Like yesss rep that muh fukin east coast.

2. Saw Jake Choi and was like ‘SCUSE?! Took me a minute to remember what/where I’ve seen him from, and even his name, but got dammit I found out. He looks way different from what I remember too. More mature, comes off more seasoned as an actor, longer hair, and perhaps some new tats. The man looks good!

3. GOOD is a decent song but it’s definitely brought to life through its music video which is never a good thing. It’s a very sparse track on its own and although you can tell that was GRAY’s intention given the meaning/concept of the song, without the visual accompaniment the record comes off a bit too empty even if it was purposeful and ends up not having high listenability.

I think all of the parts involved like Loco and GRAY teaming up, getting notable actors to star in the visual, shooting said visual in New York and having Jay Park make a cameo appearance, and the overall relaxed nature of the project add up to create a release that’s very cool and fresh, but strip all of that away and you just have a bland, contemporary Korean Hip Hop track.

When you DO listen and watch simultaneously, however, it’s a great release that’s very relatable. Seriously just that feeling of “blah” when you’re recently out of a relationship yet trying to get out of the funk of it all. A weird feeling for sure, but that’s why you need friends like Loco and GRAY to help get you out of the rut!