miss A’s Fei releases solo debut “Fantasy”

Fei is trying WAAAAAYYYY too hard to be sexy, which just proves that some things you just don’t got! Not even being shady it’s just bruh… watch the video and you’ll see. Fantasy as a single has a nice Dance/Pop instrumental with interesting sounds and layering. Fei’s vocals, albeit weak, work with its style and help create a really sensual record- you can hear what they were trying to accomplish and I think it was executed well. Those visuals though… laaaawd. If this girl don’t put some pants on and stop gyrating around forreal! Obviously Fei wants to be this vixen Pop star but that’s just not her energy, and forcing it like she does in Fantasy takes away from the song and makes the release quite a let down. Not a fan.

p.s. That switch up at 3:08 was HORRIBLE.

p.p.s I can’t help but think that cotton candy pink hair is a subtle blow from JYP towards Jia or something. Prob just me, but still…!

(Source: jypentertainment)