DIGIIEK “Parallel World Feat.Yummi,Masa”

The reason being the acting. DIGIIEK is the producer, and the vocalists he had feature on his single do an awkward job at lip syncing. I was questioning whoever edited the music video too, because there are a few parts I just wouldn’t have included in the PV… and who told homegirl to roll her shirt up like that???

My favorite part of the visual is the fact that it takes place on a beach, particularly the scenes shot during sunset, because that’s exactly what Parallel World makes me feel. I envision a fun night on the beach with friends, enjoying youth, and letting it all hang out (not literally, tho). For that reason alone I like the song, and I think Yummi and Masa make up for their uncomfortable performance with decent Dance track vocals. I’m not gnna be too hard on them because I think they’re relatively new artists, so it was a good effort with high energy! Peep Parallel World below!

p.s. the dancer in the back with the orange hair looks like Wakka from FINAL FANTASY X if he was in a boy group. I love it.



DIGIIEK 4th Single『Parallel World Feat.Yummi,Masa』


01. Parallel World Feat.Yummi,Masa