Omgggg lowkey howling. Someone should remix this, though

Literally starting snickering when she started rapping, dabbing and doing the Nae Nae. SNICKERING, I tell you…!!

Butterfly‘s latest single is nothing but try hard realness. The entire release is an attempt to be current, trendy, and Kpop, but man oh man (this is actually pretty typical of Taiwanese Pop, though). The best thing about Sorry for the Wait is in the chorus where the instrumental transforms into this Electronic Dance beat and becomes a legit bop for a few seconds. The “la la la la la la” vocals work even if they don’t sound the best, and it was at that part that I desperately wanted some DJ to just cut the entire chorus out and create a remix from it. Someone DO IT and make this song the hit it’s so desperately trying to be.

At the end of it all I’m left wondering how much of a Hip Hop sneakerhead Butterfly really is…..???????? But hey, she’s with Sony so aYYEEE!

(Source: Butterfly 愷樂)