This is tearing me apart 

Oh fuu- I’m like… losing my shit?? VIXX have released their anticipated comeback Fantasy and initially I was super hyped to watch and enjoy, but now I’m left feeling like D:

Fantasy is not listenable at all. It has R&B, Trap and maybe even some Ballad elements, making everything come off too all over the place. There’s not one part in the song where I was able to settle into the instrumental and enjoy the rhythm or melody. Now, as is customary with Korean songs, the instrumental is often a reflection of the concept and lyrics so perhaps that unsettledness was done intentionally, but that still defeats the purpose of, well, music. You can definitely have a song that has a specific concept and therefore invokes a certain feeling within the listener, but the song still has to be easily received in an auditory sense. It’s supposed to have a rhythm and melody that’s present from the first few moments, remain a constant throughout the song, and be something that can be enjoyed during pastime. Fantasy comes off like an art project that you have to stop, sit and focus on to possibly enjoy, rather than something you can just bop while still vibing with the concept. Now if this was an indie musician they’d get a pass for “art” sake but VIXX is a mainstream, Pop male idol group- they gotta keep it contemporary because that’s their formula.

The choreography looked okay, but you can’t really see that much of it with all of the cinematic shots. Vocally I don’t think this comeback showcased the guys’ talents as much as others did, and the styling was pretty basic too (Ravi looked good though).

Not, not, not liking this comeback at all and VIXX is my number 1, NUMBER FUKING ONE, group.

I’m torn. I’m crushed. I’m in a state of devastation.

Send help.

(Source: RealVIXX)