Neocha.com wrote a great piece on Beijing’s Birdstriking, sharing news that the band will be releasing a new album early next year produced by Ricky Maymi of The Brian Johnstown Massacre fame. Paired with the album’s release is a tour and a slew of festival appearances, and I’m desperately hoping they come back to the States. I was able to catch their show in Brooklyn last year at Baby’s All Right and it was nothing short of epic, so naturally I’m wanting more. For our coverage of that click here (and please ignore the missing images- the writeup was written before the whole server hack fiasco).

Hefan, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, stated that:

“The new album is meant to be inspirational, and is dedicated to every young person who feels confident about the future. It’s like a promise to the future. All five of us in Birdstriking are around 25 years old. We all feel like kids who are entering the next stage of adulthood, and right now we are slowly conforming to societal expectations. During this time in our lives, it feels like we‘re just trying to express ourselves, but venting isn’t cathartic enough. To make actual changes to the world, there needs to be action. When a person is dreaming, no matter how good they feel about the dream, it won’t affect reality in the slightest bit. We need to wake up, get our blood flowing, and use our brain and our own two hands to turn our dreams into something real.”

All I can do is raise my hands in celebration while screaming FUUKKK YESSS! Definitely keep checking back to FEV for updates on this amazing news. A new Birdstriking album is long overdue, and I know without a doubt the hype is going to be worth it. Mark my words!

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(Source & Pic Credit: Neocha)