So my friend is a HUGE Twice stan and I’m just like they’re ALRIGHTTTTT but Red Velvet and BlackPink are more exciting conceptually and he’s like hell nawww so I’m like WE SCRAPPIN’!!!!!!

I told him to watch Red Velvet‘s latest comeback Rookie and while I await his response I’ll give my own: I enjoy the release! I’m assuming Rookie caters more to the Red side of their concept and, although there are parts of the song I think sound like your typical Kpop record, there are others that I find really really nice, like that pre-chorus that we first hear at 0:44. Of course because this is RV the music video is drop dead gorgeous what with its vibrancy and unique characters. I loved the Alice and Wonderland scene Seulgi starred in and how at 1:04 her acting blends seamlessly into the choreography- I thought that was ingenious lol. All parts of the choreography are fun to watch though, combining aegyo with eccentricism to create something that engages the viewer. Overall I like ROOKIE! It’s not my favorite Red Velvet release but it’s still enjoyable! What say you guys??

(Source: SMTOWN)