We’re past the halfway mark!!! 

I can not thank everyone enough for their support over these past 6 years! You and your readership have provided me with irreplaceable experiences, and I am eternally grateful!

As of late posts have been a bit slower, but that’s only because life has gotten WAY more busy! The FEV team is quite small and almost solely run by me, Phillip, so it can be hard to keep up at times. I recently finished earning a second degree and am dealing with all of the things that come with that so stuff has been a bit hectic lately (in a good way!)

But whatever, this post isn’t about all of that! I’m here to celebrate 6 years of FarEastVibes with you all, and i’m looking forward to many more! Omg… inching closer to 10 years! I’m committed to introducing the sickest indie releases to you guys, whether they garner a lot of mainstream attention or not, and will continue to do so! Thank you all so much for everything, I love you guys!

p.s. Last year’s anniversary theme was Utada’s Distance, so I thought it’d be fun to include m-flo’s remix of the song this year!