A new sound from Loco, but I fucks with it!

Remember the banger that was Loco‘s debut album? From top to bottom is was lit, but I guess he’s been experimenting a bit and trying a different approach. DA DA DA is a moody, Trap based release with a hypnotic hook to seal the deal. Not just musically, Loco is also sporting a drastically different style of dress to what we were given during his debut. I find that most male Korean Hip Hop artists start off with a “typical” Hip Hop look, perhaps for branding purposes, and then once they become a bit solidified in the industry opt for a more fashion-forward, sophisticated style. I don’t know how I feel about that :/

The song is the ultimate mood setter though, putting you in this wavy state as you rock to the beat and melody. Hoody, Loco’s labelmate, makes for the perfect vocal addition, as she contributes a sensual, feminine touch to the record. If DA DA DA is any indication of what we can expect from Loco’s new album BLEACHED, ima have to spend some coin.