International artists with varying styles continue to be featured in the new Seippelabel compilation!

Seippelabel Vol. 7 saw its official release on May 19th, further solidifying its spot in the Experimental music scene. The diverse backgrounds of the artists included in the compilation can be experienced through the tracks they’ve contributed, each one of them adding their own distinct flavor, perhaps inspired by the energies present in their respective geographical locations. Favorite track on my end is YAHNA’s Javelin, it combining haunting, technological sounds with thumping bass- it’s straight out of a horror film. Enjoy below and make sure to follow Seippelabel for more Experimental goodness!

This release kicks off the first of our compilation series for 2017. We present you with a whole new cast of artists ranging from Southeast Asia and North America.
Like always in our compilations this series is chuck-full of varying sounds from artist to artist. Lantern Festival opens up with a track embodying a transcendental pop sensibility which is then followed by Blake Melton’s voyage evoking piano and distortion piece. Dallol’s track breaks the mediation, but keeps the listen at bay with cleverly laced tones and filed recordings. As an almost passing of the eye of the storm Brandon Hurtado’s piece washes up a new surge wall of static frequencies and undulations. Ultimately intensifying the the mood is a beat driven track by YAHNA whose gritty undertones and sharp jabs finalise Seippelabel Vol. 7.