HarryBigButton release ‘Man of Spirit’ album with fan-made video!

HarryBigButton‘s latest album Man of Spirit is out now, featuring 11 tracks of Korean Rock goodness! One of the coolest parts about this album’s release is the fact that the music video for track number 6, Fun is Fun and Done is Done was actually fan-made! I don’t know if that was arranged by the band as a dope ass promotional thing or if someone’s just a huge HarryBigButton fan, either way it’s cool af. The album’s available on Apple Music now, please support good music!

Track List
01 Man of Spirit
02 SOS (Save Our Souls)
03 Contamination
04 Drifter
05 Social Network
06 Fun is Fun and Done is Done
07 Trust Game (album version)
08 Circle Pit (album version)
09 Coffee, Cigarettes and Rock’N’Roll (album version)
10 Control (album version)
11 Perfect Storm (album version)