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A year after releasing the first in a trilogy of concept EPs, Beijing based experimental art duo GUIGUISUISUI present the second chapter, Nekroma. The EP is a meeting of two worlds, emerging from a collaboration with the now defunct prog-metal trio Nakoma and the gothic noise and lo fi synths of GUIGUISUISUI’s King Necro and Pumpkin Queen. Dark and brooding, loud and doomy, yet too odd to classed as straight up metal, Nekroma takes you on journey through strange and haunting dreamscapes.

While Wu Xing, the first EP in GUIGUISUISUI’s trilogy, drew on influences such as Brian Eno and Fischer Spooner to explore themes of consumerism, belief, and reincarnation, Nekroma takes a darker turn with cues from the likes of Coil and Fantômas. Starting out as demos that consisted solely of Gameboy bleeps/beats and Diddly Board (a one stringed skateboard guitar-like instrument) the addition of pounding drums from Linda Westman and gliding melodies/growling bass lines courtesy of Nico Mazzei gave birth to some truly haunting sonic structures. Through these creations the growls of King Necro and the soaring vocals of Pumpkin Queen present apocalyptic fairy tales, describing the extinction of romance, misguided worship of false idols and machines, and sinners reaping what they sow. Recorded at Fuda Studios in China, Golddust Studios in England, and mixed and mastered by Shen of Ran Music in Beijing, the tracks certainly jump out and grab you by the throat.