International fans can barely get access to ANYTHING

Utada Hikaru‘s visual for her latest single Forevermore came out not too long ago, and what started off as happy news for me seeing the video uploaded to Vevo soon turned to disappointment when I realized it was the short version. WHAT IS THIS FUCK SHIT EXACTLY????????

Even popular Twitter accounts like @UBlog that post updates on Utada Hikaru’s activities have stated how unfair it is, and that their updates will actually SLOW DOWN because, well, WE CAN’T GET ANY GOT DAMN INFO OUTSIDE OF JAPAN.

It’s really frustrating, especially since everyone is still in the midst of enjoying Utada’s return to the scene. And Forevermore is such a gorgeous song too… but you know we got the plug.


You can watch Forevermore’s short version MV on YouTube below, but someone uploaded the full version on Vimeo for our viewing pleasure that I’ll also embed muahahahha. You can’t stop the internet folks, we will get what we want!

Music Video of Utada Hikaru’s new single “Forevermore” (Main theme for TBS network Nichiyou Gekijou drama series ‘Gomen, Aishiteru (I’m Sorry, I Love You)’)

5evermoar from David Phan on Vimeo.