Yoooo YG is unstoppable lately

Can’t no one keep up with YG! WINNER’s recent debut, iKon and MIX & MATCH, and now this! UNIQ is a group signed under China’s YueHua Entertainment (Hangeng of SJ is also under this label) but trained by YG Entertainment. They’ll be promoting in both Korea and China simultaneously and are a 5 member group consisting of 3 Chinese members (Wong Yibo, Li Wenhan and Zhou Yixuan) and 2 Korean ones (Jin Shengzhu aka Kim Sungjoo and Cao Chengyan). The name is a play on the words Unique and Unicorn, both being symbols of the groups’ ‘pure spirit” Below you can find their 1st teaser of member Yibo. Basically UNIQ is like an affiliate group to YG so I expect to see YG artists and management closely involved in their activities, especially since some of the members have friendships with WINNER and others. I’m super stoked for these guys… and for iKon. YG gonna be taking ALL my money!





(Source: UNIQ YEAH & Hellokpop)