Lovelyz release full MV to comeback, “Ah-Choo”!

I’ve already said all there is to say about how I feel about Lovelyz, but allow me to repeat myself. I LOVE THESE GIRLS, THEY’RE MY TOP FEMALE GROUP!!! Ah-Choo is an upbeat song marking their official comeback after the Shooting Star pre-release. Kei is my everything, I’d marry her on the SPOTTTTT you just don’t understand! Everyone, literally every member, looks gorgeous. I’d collapse if I saw any of them in real life, but especially my Kei oh gODDDDD.

My ONLY complaint is that Sujeong gets SO MUCH screen time and singing parts every comeback. I get that she’s a lead vocalist, but so is JIN and we barely see her. She’s also not the visual OR leader. I think it’s because Sujeong’s appearance is the most “traditional” but still, EVERY title track? The other girls get decent amounts of screen time, some more than others, but Sujeong literally gets handed so much. Not even gonna talk about how I think Kei and JIN are better singers than her… but anyway, I LOVE THEM ALL SO LET’S JUST REJOICE OVER THIS ADORABLE HIDE-AND-SEEK COMEBACK 8)


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