iKON officially debut with ‘WELCOME BACK’ Half Album!

iKON, you truly are in a lane of your own among your contemporaries! The group’s debut title tracks are phenomenal, AIRPLANE playing more on sentiment with its heartfelt instrumental, lyrics and story, and RHYTHM TA being a GD-esque party starter. By far the song I’m feeling the most (besides My Type), is AIRPLANE. Sadness is an emotion that always hits me the hardest in music- I really empathize with it. The MV for AIRPLANE is exactly what it’s supposed to be: a visual representation of the song, bringing the entire release together to help people better connect with it. B.I and Bobby do a great job acting. I’ve noticed they’re always so natural when it comes to performing in their MVs or visuals, especially Bobby.

RHYTHM TA is something G-Dragon and maybe BIGBANG would put out. It’s a good song, but I wasn’t really ready for it after listening to AIRPLANE. I’d take heavy, impactful music over bangers any day. It’s a great track though, don’t get me wrong (although because it reminds me of GD I find it kinda annoying lmao).

iKON’s Debut Half Album WELCOME BACK is available on iTunes now! Do cop that!




(Source: iKON)