What kind of f*ckery??

I heard that B.I was the one to distribute the parts for RHYTHM TA and if that’s true that’s pretty f*cked, especially when paired with his whole bullying scandal against Chanwoo (which looked serious, tbh). Like I get he’s the maknae, I get he was a last minute pick for the group, but that’s cold, bro. Their live Inkigayo performance of RHYTHM TA clearly shows Chanwoo getting NOTHING lyrically, and because of this is not the center of the choreography at any part. “Na na na nana” at the END of the song does not count.

Also Pann had an interesting article talking about if iKON was a female group, would they be under scrutiny for all of this controversy along the lines of T-ara. It’s an interesting thought…




(Source: iKON)