ChaCha JahJahWay ALONG

Produced by A LONG

Wow, wow! I’ve seen photos and read news of ChaCha working in Atlanta with Outkast’s Big Boi at his studio, and I guess this is one of the products of said collaboration! Wei Cheng (Siege) just melts in your mouth with its smooth instrumental and ethereal vocals from ChaCha. JahjahWay adds a bit of grit with his rapping, and damn does everything come together to create a bump that will never get old. I love how A LONG incorporated traditional Chinese instruments into the instrumental but not in the cheesy, cliche way. It actually adds to the song’s atmosphere instead of being a distraction or gimmick. Without a doubt I’m looking forward to more of the goodness coming out of this multinational collaboration- too dope!

Props to Big Boi for realizing the talent and ill-ness coming out of China!

Here’s a new track by ChaCha, IN3 and A Long – recorded as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks project in Atlanta. Stankonia Studios. Smoooooovvv.


(Source: ChaChaChina)