I’m very happy I’m an empathetic person because albeit language barrier, I was still able to “understand” the essence of Utada Hikaru‘s Fantôme. Still, I’m a bit sad that there is a language barrier to begin with as I know I would’ve gotten so much more out of it, especially when taking into consideration Japanese speaking fans’ reviews, but I am content. Favorite song from the album is Boukyaku (Forgotten). It features KOHH of “It G Ma” fame and, although before the album came out I was a bit confused as to why Utada chose a rapper, him especially, to feature on her album, a little research and it all makes sense now. KOHH’s father committed suicide in a similar fashion to Utada’s mother when he was young so the two have that shared bond and it really shows in the music, especially given the fact that Fantôme was devoted to Utada’s mother.

Great album. Worth every penny and then some, more than deserves all of the chart topping success and critical acclaim it’s been receiving. Beautiful how Utada Hikaru channeled the pain of her mother’s passing and the birth of her first child into one musical piece of art that provided closure and healing, and let all of us know that she’s okay.

Fantôme is available on U.S. iTunes and online physical retailers (CDJapan, YesAsia, etc.)