Really proud of the Seippelabel team!

It’s awesome to see projects you believe in survive the test of time. Seippelabel is celebrating 4 years and is showing no signs of stopping, Volume 9 switching things up only slightly while still keeping true to Experimental roots. Long time favorites like Alpine Decline and GUIGUISUIUI make appearances in this installment, as well as some new folk I haven’t heard of before but respect due to their Seippelabel placement. Also featured in Volume 9 is L.A. based photographer Robert De Vay, more on that below.

After 9 comes 10, big things!

Volume IX | 菜谱第9部合辑

Seippelabel has arrived at the four year mark in its compilation series. It feels fulfilling to continue our expanding global artists catalogue. This particular edition spans genres, regions of the world and explores people of different backgrounds. Each artist was hand selected to represent this curated compilation. While there is a greater deal of vocal accompaniment present in some of the pieces we hope the listener can also tap into the lush instrumental arrangements that bubble throughout the entire album. Although we operate as a digital label we also try to make each release unique by making something physical to go with it. For this release we have partnered with American photographer, Robert de Vay, who has paired these tracks with four images. These images are available as both a digital pack and as physical postcards.



Featured Artist

Robert de Vay

Robert de Vay

Robert De Vay is a New Orleans-born, Los Angeles-based musician and photographer.

A devotion to traditional photographic processes combined with a curiosity for the functionality of objects and light, Robert’s work is propelled by the philosophy of Purism

Robert enjoys bowling, skateboarding, travel, and red beans & rice.


罗伯特·德·瓦伊 罗伯特·德·瓦伊在美国新奥尔良出生,是住在洛杉矶的音乐家和摄影师。他的作品是致力于传统摄影流程和光的研究的融合。他非常好奇光怎么能代表艺术还有特别在乎纯粹主义的哲学。

Curation: Brad M. Seippel & Michele Seippel

Mastering: Brad M. Seippel

Video and Design: Michele Seippel

Album Art: Robert De Vay

Translation/Editing: Brad M. Seippel & Wang Shengnan

策展: 布拉德·赛普与 米歇尔·赛普


设计: 米歇尔·赛普

封面: 罗伯特·德·瓦伊

翻译/编辑: 王胜男 / 布拉德·赛普