wOW i’m the wORSTTT

Life starts making you hella busy and then you lose track of all KINDS of shit! VIXX, my favorite male idol group, not only released a comeback single but a FULL LENGTH ALBUM and I had NO idea! Like I didn’t see any teaser photos, videos, I just logged in today and noticed not only a new music video but also a fucking album on iTunes. wOW.

But if I’m being 100% honest, I haven’t been checking for much Kpop lately. The industry is just too over saturated, not to mention I’m aging out (it’s weird being my age and liking a group with a median age of 16 or some shit, at least for me). So nowadays I just check for my core groups and stay lightly in the know of new ones. Just like veteran groups fade out, I guess the same goes for veteran fans. BUT COME REUNION TIME BEST BELIEVE IMA BE BACK IN FULL EFFECT.

VIXX’s new song is sexy as fuck, not just musically but stylistically too. The guys look amazing, giving face to the camera and performing powerful choreography in VIXX style. It’s honestly the best. I didn’t even listen to the album beforehand, I just straight copped that shit. I know it’s gonna be good, so why wait you know?

Watch Scentist below and DOWNLOADDDDD EAU DE VIXX on iTunes! 8)))