Tapes for Charity is a collaborative music compilation between nugget records, Qii Snacks Records, and thruoutin in support of Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association during the current coronavirus epidemic.

Around the advent of Spring Festival 2020, many pet owners in Wuhan, China left their pets alone in their apartments with enough food for a week or so as they returned to their hometowns to celebrate Chinese New Year with their families. As the epidemic worsened many owners found themselves unable to return to Wuhan, leaving them unable to get back to feed their pets. The Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association has come to the rescue by getting permission from various owners to enter their homes and feed the pets. Despite being a small organization, the Association has already helped hundreds of animals during this time as they weave their way across a city in lockdown.

The first step in forming the compilation was when nugget approached Guangzhou label Qii Snacks and Beijing-based producer thruoutin with the idea of putting together a set of mixtapes to raise funds for the WSAPA. The result was an indie-pop tape featuring some of the scenes most exciting bands as well as an electronic tape that dives deep into some of the most innovative producers in China and beyond. The two-part compilation is now available on Bandcamp (below). 100% of the proceeds go to WSAPA in helping protect animals in need.

The list of featured artists is: Zoogazer, lost memory machine, thruoutin ft. Diva Li, Mimik Banka, MFmachine, Atta Girl, Nocturnes, 2D Foil, sourtower, Powermilk, a hidden trace, Cheesemind, Smellyhoover, West by West, ANXT, Yu Hein, Night Swimmer, Fenni, Lastboss, Xie Yugang, The Plum Trees, Mt. Sol, Bell Mountain, Mafmadmaf, r beny, and Austyn Sullivan.